Perfect Kindle Fire Case! Surprised by Reviews

Like others, I was fully prepared to return this kindle fire case for kids after it arrived. I was hoping it would be great, but I wasn't too certain because of the reviews I read. When I opened the package I fell in love! I was wondering if this was the same case that was given such bad reviews.

First, the material that the case is made of is great. It doesn't feel cheap at all. It's lightweight, which is Perfect case because the fire isn't all that light itself. The inside (back) of the case almost looks like a shiny plastics material and is very smooth, the inside (cover) is a soft felt material that won't scratch the screen. The outside is my favorite because it's so soft.

It feels the same as the back of the Kindle (not sure what it is exactly, but a very soft and pleasant material to hold). This case adds no bulk whatsoever, so I can slide it in my purse easily. I probably won't use the stand feature much, however I tried it and it worked fine. One of the main worries I had about this case was that it was a "snap in".

I was scared it would scuff the back cover of the fire when popped into place, however it's very friendly to the fire! :) I got a free trial of Prime with my kindle fire and payed $3.99 on Christmas day for 1-day shipping, which even got here a day before it was supposed to. Overall, I am extremely pleased and very impressed!